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Diplomiscellany: A Compendium of Diplomacy Related Material

Western World 901: Variant Home Page

Model House Rules for Non-Judge E-Mail Diplomacy
Known World 901: Variant Home Page
Western World 901: Variant Home Page
East Indies: Variant Home Page
Spice Islands: Variant Home Page
Maharajah's: Variant Home Page
Mandate of Heaven: Variant Home Page
Conquest of the Americas: Variant Home Page
Diplomacy and the Way of the Warrior
Allan B. Calhamer: The Inventor
Miscellaneous Miscellany
Coalition: Game Home Page
The precursor (and northern/western building block) of the Known World 901 Variant, but completely playable on a stand alone basis.   

A plain version of the starting map, including units and Supply Center Ownership, abbreviations and rules: