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Diplomiscellany: A Compendium of Diplomacy Related Material

Download a complete, zipped package of Realpolitik files for Maharajah's Diplomacy here.
Model House Rules for Non-Judge E-Mail Diplomacy
Dawn of the Enlightenment: Variant Home Page
Known World 901: Variant Home Page
Western World 901: Variant Home Page
East Indies: Variant Home Page
Spice Islands: Variant Home Page
Maharajah's: Variant Home Page
Mandate of Heaven: Variant Home Page
Conquest of the Americas: Variant Home Page
Diplomacy and the Way of the Warrior
Allan B. Calhamer: The Inventor
Miscellaneous Miscellany
Coalition: Game Home Page

Many thanks to Joe Janbu, Gregory Alexopoulos, Frank Bacher and Davlin Stoy for their valuable help and advice in adapting Maharajah's Diplomacy to Realpolitik.

Download Maharajah's Diplomacy Realpolitik Files Here.

Click here for more information about the Realpolitik adjudicator.